Season Six

By Sen

After Season Five saw Claudio Castagnoli kicked out of the Kings of Wrestling, Season Six would begin with a rather mysterious new partner for Los Ice Creams during King of Trios. El Hijo del Ice Cream & Ice Cream, Jr. would enter the tournament with Very Mysterious Ice Cream & would win their opening round match on Night One against the Order of the Neo Solar Temple.

They would go on to face F.I.S.T. comprised of Icarus, Gran Akuma & Chuck Taylor, as part of the Kings of Wrestling, in a Quarter Final match the same night where Very Mysterious Ice Cream would unmask & be revealed as Claudio Castagnoli. Claudio & Los Ice Creams would lose the match to F.I.S.T. & Claudio would face a post match assault from his former rudo partners, until Los Ice Creams came to his rescue & forced F.I.S.T away.

F.I.S.T would go on to the Semi Finals of King of Trios, losing to the Kaientai Dojo team of Miyawaki, Yoshiaki Yago & Kudo. The tournament would be won by the team of Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw & Shane Storm.

Claudio would make clear his real target in March, when he ran out to attack his former tag team partner Chris Hero, after Hero’s win over Hallowicked in a singles contest. Hero attempted to flee only to be cut off by Mike Quackenbush.

Quackenbush & Castagnoli would agree to a match the following night where the winner would get a singles match with Hero. This would see Claudio take the win to set up a match with Hero at April’s Rey de Voladores, where the stipulation was added that if Claudio won, Hero would become his personal butler but should Hero be victorious, Claudio would have to rejoin The Kings of Wrestling.

The match would also feature Mike Quackenbush as special guest referee, but even this could not prevent Hero from gaining a blemished victory to force Castagnoli back into the Kings of Wrestling stable.

Castagnoli would not gain his freedom until September, during Cibernetico & Robin, where due to the Cibernetico rules, Claudio was able to not only fight the remaining members of his own team but went on to win, eliminating Hero & Mitch Ryder in the process.

Finally free of the Kings of Wrestling, Castagnoli would have to wait until December to gain another singles match against Hero. Castagnoli would emerge the victor & Hero would leave CHIKARA.

This would not be the only feud that Hero would find himself involved in during Season Six. He would finally have to face former tag team partner Mike Quackenbush in a singles match at the first of two Aniversario shows in May.

Having waited two years to get his hands on Hero during a single match, Quackenbush would win the match with a new submission hold, the CHIKARA Special. Hero would lose matches to Lince Dorado, El Pantera, Claudio Castagnoli & Equinox, all using the CHIKARA Special to force Hero to submit.

After losing a tag team match in November against Equinox & Claudio Castagnoli, Hero would snap, attacking Equinox & attempting to tear off his mask. Even the threat of being fired from Director of Fun Leonard F. Chikarason would not be enough to stop Hero. It was only Chikarason’s offer of a singles match with Equinox, where if Hero won Equinox would have to unmask, that calmed Hero. It was only after Hero accepted the match that Chikarason, added the stipulation that if Hero lost he would lose his hair.

The Apuesta would take place the following night in Hellertown. The contest would prove to be a hard fought battle, where Equinox would again trap Hero in the CHIKARA Special. With everyone believing Hero could not escape the submission, it looked as though Hero would have to tap out & lose his long blond hair in the process. Instead, Hero would shock everyone by countering the submission before catching Equinox in the CHIKARA Special himself. Equinox would be forced to submit & would have to unmask in the centre of the ring. Mike Quackenbush, on commentary, could not understand how Hero could possibly know the counter to the feared submission.

Hero would force Equinox to reveal his face to the crowd & took delight in naming him as a failed Wrestle Factory trainee, Vin Gerard, & not the Mexican luchador he claimed to be. The humiliated Gerard would be met at the entrance to the back by the Colony, Shane Storm & Lince Dorado, who threw his bag to him & pointed him to the exit.

Lince Dorado would himself face a battle to keep his mask during his feud with Mitch Ryder. Ryder would claim that Dorado was an illegal immigrant & the feud would lead to an Apuesta in November where Dorado would wager his mask against Ryder’s hair.

The match would see the tecnico & rudo locker rooms surround the ring in support of their respective men. Dorado would emerge with the victory but would pay a high price, injuring himself on a Shooting Star Senton which would cause him to suffer a seizure. Dorado would be taken away from the arena in an ambulance & hospitalised. Director of Fun, Leonard F. Chikarason ensured that Ryder adhered to the stipulation & lost his hair. Dorado would return to CHIKARA in full health in December.

Season 6 would also see a wrestler gain a mask. Ricochet, having lost a career vs. Young Lions Cup match in August to the reigning YLC Champion & Rey de Voladores winner, Chuck Taylor, would re-emerge under a mask in October as Helios. Helios would successfully challenge Taylor for the Young Lions Cup in his debut match.

The season would also see the debut of Tim Donst at Rey de Voladores. Donst would make a name for himself after facing Eddie Kingston. Eddie viciously took out his frustrations at having been pinned by Hallowicked earlier in the year on Donst. In spite of the assault, Donst would refuse to stay down & impressed with his heart & determination despite ultimately losing to Kingston.

Kingston would finally avenge his loss to Hallowicked in a Falls Count Anywhere match in November.

Hallowicked and Delirious continued teaming as Incoherence, gaining the three points required to mount a challenge for Los Campeonatos de Parejas. They would challenge F.I.S.T. in October. F.I.S.T. would try to avoid the title defence by pointing out that Gran Akuma was injured & unable to compete. Director of Fun Leonard F. Chikarason would rule that, as a member of F.I.S.T., Chuck Taylor would have to defend the titles with Icarus.

Despite an attack on Hallowicked prior to the opening bell by Eddie Kingston & interference by Gran Akuma during the match, Incoherence would emerge victorious to become Los Campeonatos de Parejas.