Season Seven

By Sen

As Season Six ended with the unmasking of Equinox & the rejection of Vin Gerard by the CHIKARA locker room, Season Seven was set to be a tale of revenge and redemption.

Vin, now an outcast refused entry to the locker room & forced to find alternative places to dress for his matches, would seek to take out his frustrations on the masked members of the CHIKARA roster, most notably, the members of the Colony, even recruiting the help of Bull Pain to make his point.

Vin’s performance in the early part of the season, scoring wins over Glacier, Lince Dorado, Create-A-Wrestler (who would later in the season become Ultimo Breakfast) & Jimmy Olsen, would force a reluctant invitation from Director of Fun Leonard F. Chikarason to enter the Young Lions Cup VI tournament.

Taking his place in the YLC, Vin would defeat Sami Callihan in the Quarter Finals, before emerging victorious from his Semi Finals match up against Drake Younger, Stupefied, Amasis, Pelle Primeau & Pinkie Sanchez to secure his place in the Finals.

Night Two of the YLC would see Worker Ant unable to compete after being injured in a sneak attack by Gerard. He would be replaced by his Colony team mate, Fire Ant. Fire Ant would defeat Chip Day in the Quarter Finals & Shayne Hawke, Ophidian, Lince Dorado, Tim Donst & Marshe Rockett in the Semi Finals to set up a Finals meeting with Vin Gerard.

The Finals would prove to be a fiercely contested & highly emotional contest, with Fire Ant taking the win to become Young Lions Cup Champion, much to the delight of both the fans & the members of the tecnico roster, who had come out to the ring during the match to show their support for Fire Ant.

The celebration would be short lived as Fire Ant would lose the Cup to Gerard in his first defence the following month, after Vin utilized the Cup itself as a weapon.

During the YLC tournament, Mike Quackenbush & Shane Storm would secure their third point for a shot at Los Campeonatos de Parejas after a hard fought victory over the Super Smash Brothers.

There would be no time for celebrations for the new No. 1 contenders as, after receiving a message from Tim Donst, Quackenbush would turn on Storm.

Donst had spent much of the early part of the season as a member of the Order of The Neo Solar Temple after being dropped on his head during a match with UltraMantis Black. Never one to miss an opportunity, Mantis had quickly taken Donst from the ring & convinced him to join the Order as their “Chosen One”. Donst, apparently suffering amnesia, adapted to the Order, wearing a robe & face paint to the ring & forming a tag team with fellow Temple acolyte Hydra. The tag team combination proved to be a great success, earning three points to challenge for Los Campeonatos de Parejas.

Donst had deliberately infiltrated the Order at the request of Mike Quackenbush, who wanted to find out how the rudos had learned the secret counter to the CHIKARA Special submission hold. As part of the Order of The Neo Solar Temple Donst discovered that Shane Storm, suffering a losing streak, traded the counter to UltraMantis Black in exchange for a win over Hydra. This led to the move being passed to Chris Hero, who used it to defeat Equinox & force him to unmask.

Incensed by Donst’s actions, UltraMantis Black issued an ultimatum to Hydra, who still felt a loyalty to his tag team partner. Hydra left the Order of The Neo Solar Temple to join Donst & the two would become know as the Sea Donsters.

The Sea Donsters’ challenge for Los Campeonatos de Parejas would be unsuccessful after interference from UltraMantis Black & Crossbones would cost them the match.

The two teams would meet in a tag team bout in December, with the Sea Donsters taking the win. The following night, at the Season finale, Hydra would defeat his former mentor UltraMantis Black in a singles contest.

Shane Storm, now revealed as a tecnico traitor, is shunned by the locker room. Facing Mike Quackenbush in a singles match in July, Storm is awarded the win after the original submission victory for Quackenbush is reversed because Quackenbush refused to release Storm from the hold. Storm is confronted in the ring by Vin Gerard, who thanks Storm & encourages him to embrace his new circumstances.

Vin would help Storm gain a further victory over Quackenbush in August & Storm returned the favour the following night by interfering in Gerard’s Young Lions Cup match with Drake Younger.

This led to Storm’s transformation into STIGMA, who allied with Vin Gerard and the returning Colin Delaney Olsen, forming the UnStable. Gerard & Delaney had been selected to team together during La Loteria Letal & would go on to meet Jimmy Olsen & Lince Dorado in the Finals.

Storm would take revenge on Tim Donst, injuring him during a tag team match & stealing his headgear. The UnStable attacked Donst’s partner, Mike Quackenbush but would be prevented from inflicting further damage by the return of an unmasked Jigsaw. Quackenbush, unhappy that Jigsaw had removed his mask, rejected his former tag team partner.

Sensing an opportunity to expand their own ranks, the UnStable invite Jigsaw to join them. Jigsaw refuses and is saved from an attack by Mike Quackenbush, who still rejects the idea of reforming unless Jigsaw dons his mask again.

Jigsaw would return under the mask in December, replacing an injured Tim Donst as Quackenbush’s tag team partner to defeat Colin Delany & STIGMA.

Since returning to CHIKARA from WWE, Delaney considered himself better than the other members of the roster, including his twin, Jimmy Olsen. Jimmy had been unaware of Colin’s stint in WWE’s ECW brand & not knowing the whereabouts of his brother, had been convinced by Vin Gerard that Colin was working for CHIKARA under a mask.

Believing Vin’s story, Jimmy set about unmasking members of the roster in an attempt to locate his brother. He is devastated when he learns the truth about Colin’s absence & realises that he has been manipulated by Vin Gerard.

Jimmy joins forces with Lince Dorado & Helios to form The Future is Now & in an attempt to get into Vin’s head, adopts the Equinox persona. In this guise, Jimmy is victorious against Gerard’s team in CHIKARA’s annual Torneo Cibernetico before going on to challenge Vin for the Young Lions cup at the season finale in December. The match ended in a double DQ & as a result, the Cup was vacated.

Lince Dorado had won King Of Trios earlier in the year with partners Incognito & El Pantera by forcing Eddie Kingston of the BLKOUT to submit to the CHIKARA Special in the tournament Finals.

Kingston would seek to redress this loss by targeting Dorado. Despite being defeated by Kingston twice, Dorado would push Kingston to the limits of his sanity by refusing to stay down & asking Eddie for more punishment. A third encounter ended in Kingston being disqualified for “Castigo Excesivo” before Dorado insisted that the match be restarted. The DQ decision against Kingston would remain after Eddie delivered a low blow to Dorado & walked away stating he was done for the sake of his own sanity.

Brodie Lee spent much of the season locked in a heated feud with Claudio Castagnoli.

Lee & Castagnoli had two singles encounters in April & May, which ended in DQ decisions after the referee was hurt during each match. With one disqualification each, a No DQ match was set for July, with Brodie Lee gaining the win after interference from Mitch Ryder & Shayne “Buck“ Hawke. This would lead to CHIKARA’s first-ever cage match, held in September & would see Castagnoli emerge victorious.

The involvement of Ryder & Hawke would bring Larry Sweeney, who had been kicked out of their trio, the Fabulous Three, earlier in the year, to try to gain favour with Claudio Castagnoli. Claudio was initially unwilling to team with Sweeney, but finally succumbed to Sweeney’s persuasion to team up & gain a measure of revenge on the Fabulous Two. The team of Castagnoli & Sweeney, dubbed “Swiss and Sour”, would face Ryder & Hawke in a tag team match at the Season finale. Unfortunately for Claudio, Sweeney would turn on him, costing him the match & rejoining Ryder & Hawke.

Season Seven would also see the end of Incoherence’s eleven month reign as Los Campeones de Parejas, losing to the Super Smash Brothers. Player Uno & Stupefied overcame a losing streak & many in-ring miscommunications when Stupefied became the masked Player Dos. The team quickly earned the three point required to challenge for Los Campeonatos de Parejas & won the titles in September.

Los Campeonatos de Parejas would change hands once more before the end of the season, with the Super Smash Brothers losing to the Osirian Portal in their first defence in October.