Season Fourteen

By Sen

Season Fourteen would begin on May 25th, 2014 with the iPPV You Only Live Twice.

New CHIKARA owner Robbie Ellis introduced Mike Quackenbush as the new Director of Fun.

You Only Live Twice would feature the CHIKARA debuts of Juan Francisco de Coronado & Ashley Remington.

Remington, formerly know as Dalton Castle, inherited a large sum of money from his Uncle Lester “Darkness” Crabtree. The inheritance came with the stipulation that Castle had to bring the integrity & lifestyle that came with it. Unsure at first what his Uncle meant, Castle would transform himself into “Smooth Sailin’” Ashley Remington. Acquiring a yacht, The newly christened Remington set sail for Easton & You Only Live Twice.

“Smooth Sailin’” Ashley Remington would arrive at the Palmer Center, accompanied by a lovely lady on each arm, known as Ashley’s Angels. The almost impossible to dislike Remington would be victorious in his debut match against Chuck Taylor & would present his bemused opponent with a consolation fruit basket after their contest.

The main event would see a rematch from Aniversario: Never Compromise between Eddie Kingston & Icarus for the Grand Championship. Icarus, who had emerged as CHIKARA’s champion during Season Thirteen, enjoyed a hero’s welcome & would defeat Kingston to become Grand Champion. The CHIKARA locker room joined the new champion in the ring to celebrate but the joy of the moment would be short lived as events took a sinister turn. Members of the Flood would surround the ring & with them would be a huge, masked figure. The masked behemoth would be accompanied by Delirious & Soldier Ant, who wore hoods over their heads.

Once the hoods were removed, Delirious moved to attack UltraMantis Black, while Soldier Ant would launch himself at the Colony.

Icarus would be attacked in the squared circle by Jimmy Jacobs & as brawls erupted around the ring, the masked man, who would later be named as Deucalion, would enter the ring to survey the chaos.

Kobald would climb into the ring & attempt to spear Deucalion but the move had no effect. In response, Deucalion lifted Kobald & delivered a devastating choke breaker that would leave Kobald lying motionless in the ring.

He would be carried back to the locker room area & a few days later, the Batiri would announce that Kobald was gone.

The loss of the Grand Championship would be difficult for Eddie Kingston. Having previously refused to align himself with CHIKARA against the Flood, Kingston would find himself a man without a country & without his greatest possession.

Jimmy Jacobs would appeal to Kingston to join forces with the Flood before their singles match at Diamonds Are Forever in June. Kingston would offer no response until Jacobs brought up his loss of the Grand Championship.

As the match began Kingston would attack Jacobs but, as Jacobs continued his attempts to recruit Eddie to his cause, Kingston would appear conflicted. Jacobs would swear that he would get back the Grand Championship for Eddie before delivering a spear to Kingston to win the match.

Eddie would appear at Goldfinger not dressed to compete for his match against Shynron & would offer little resistance until Jimmy Jacobs appeared & whispered to him. At this point, Kingston would fight back, taking the victory with a Backfist to the Future.

By The Living Daylights in July, Kingston’s apathy would return & he would offer quickly tap out to Juan Francisco de Coronado’s Coronado Clutch during their singles match.

Chuck Taylor would receive a further fruit basket after another loss to Remington at The Living Daylights. Taylor would accept the gift but complained that his feet had been on the ropes when the fall was counted.

Director of Fun Mike Quackenbush would remove the loss from the records & a further match between the two men took place at Vivre et Laisser Mourir in August. This time Taylor would take the victory & would present Remington with a baguette as a gift. The ever-charming Ashley would break the bread in half & present it back to Chuck.

The night after The Living Daylights, at The World is Not Enough, Kingston would again be reluctant to fight in his match with Jervis Cottonbelly. This time the match would end in a DQ for Kingston after Jimmy Jacobs’ acolytes, wearing plague doctor masks, attacked Cottonbelly.

Over the PA system, Jacobs instructed Kingston to destroy one of the acolytes in the ring so Eddie could take his place. Jacobs promised Kingston that, in doing so he would prove that he could protect “her”, the Grand Championship.

Eddie would viciously attack one of the men, Callux, before leaving the venue via a side door.

Callux would not be the only casualty that night. After celebrating a victory against the Bloc Party in a “Losing Team waves Winners’ Nations Flags” match, the Baltic Siege would be attacked by the Flood. Deucalion would once again deliver a devastating choke breaker, this time to the Estonian ThunderFrog. The ThunderFrog would not be seen again in CHIKARA.

The World is Not Enough would see an important victory for CHIKARA as Dasher Hatfield & “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti would defeat Jigsaw & The Shard to win Los Campeonatos de Parejas.

The loss would have consequences for the Pieces of Hate & at Permis de Tuer in August, the Flood would make The Shard suffer for it. Placed in a match against Eddie Kingston, who despite some resistance at first, would follow orders from Jimmy Jacobs & Deucalion to punish the Shard.

The match would ultimately be thrown out after Icarus attacked 17 & Nøkken, who had made their way to ringside.

The Latvian Proud Oak & the Lithuanian Snow Troll would join the brawl, attempting to avenge their fallen teammate, but this would be in vain. As Kingston held back the Snow Troll, Jacobs threw the Latvian Proud Oak to Deucalion, who would once again leave a broken body in the wake of his choke breaker.

The Lithuanian Snow Troll would beg Deucalion for his life. In response Deucalion threw down a chain, which the Snow Troll picked up & placed around his own neck. Jacobs would take control of the chain & the Flood would lead the imprisoned Snow Troll away.

The Shard would receive a further chance at King of Trios in September. Teaming with 17 & Jigsaw, the first round would see the GEKIDO take on Knight Eye for The Pirate Guy along with Princess Kimberlee.

Although the GEKIDO would take the win, the match would reveal fractures in the team with Jigsaw being reluctant to take on his brother, Jolly Roger & The Shard taking Princess Kimberlee too lightly.

After the match Jolly Roger would disown Jigsaw who was left alone in the ring by his GEKIDO teammates.

The Flood Elite team of Jimmy Jacobs, Eddie Kingston & Volgar would eliminate 2012’s King Of Trios winners, the Spectral Envoy, but only after Deucalion came to ringside to set Delirious on Ultramantis Black.

With the Devastation Corporation also progressing to the next round, the Flood looked to dominate the tournament but their last entry, the BDK team of Ares, Dr. Cube & Nøkken would suffer defeat.

It became apparent during the match that there were issues between Ares & Dr. Cube & after the loss to 3Peck0, Ares & Cube would begin to argue. Cube slapped Ares & when Ares raised a fist to retaliate, Nøkken moved to block him before hitting him with a piledriver. Dr. Cube removed his head to reveal himself as Jakob Hammermeier. Jakob told Ares that he had always overlooked him but he now possessed the Eye of Tyr after making a deal with some devils & all the wrongs that had befallen him would now be made right.

CHIKARA’s own Golden Trio of Icarus, Dasher Hatfield & Mark Angelosetti plus the Colony would also be victorious in the first round.

However, the Greenhorn Militia, made up of Wrestle Factory students Kid Cyclone, Equinox III & Create-A-Wrestler II, felt that the CHIKARA roster hadn’t done enough in the wake of the losses of Kobald, the Estonian ThunderFrog & the Latvian Proud Oak. Kid Cyclone would call out Deucalion, calling him a coward before the rookie trio were removed from the ring by their trainer, Hallowicked.

The following night would see the GEKIDO fall to 3Peck0. Jigsaw, who tapped out in Shane Matthews’ Boston Crab, would not leave with 17 & The Shard, remaining alone in the ring after the match. This would bring out Director of Fun Mike Quackenbush, who told Jigsaw that he belongs in CHIKARA & asked where he stood. Jigsaw would tell everyone that he was the best wrestler in the building & didn’t need anyone before walking past Quackenbush & leaving.

Juan Francisco de Coronado would take exception to Remington’s German Suplex, believing it to be inferior to his own. The snobby Ecuadorian aristocrat would attack Ashley during his match against Yoshi Tatsu on Night Two.

The Devastation Corporation & the Golden Trio would progress to the Semi Finals on Night Three and the Flood Elite would beat the Colony after Deucalion unleased Soldier Ant onto his former team.

After their victory, Volgar & Jimmy Jacobs would both drop to one knee in Deucalion’s presence but Eddie Kingston appeared hesitant to do the same. He was saved from having to make a decision by the Greenhorn Militia, who attacked Kingston, Volgar & Jacobs. The Batiri would join the fray & in the chaos, the Greenhorn Militia would attack Deucalion himself.

Kid Cyclone, having leapt onto Deucalion’s back, would pull off the monsters mask to reveal his face for the first time. Deucalion, bald, bearded & with completely black eyes would scream “coward” at Cyclone, before stopping the charging Equinox III with a choke breaker. As Kid Cyclone was held down by Jimmy Jacobs, Deucalion would deliver the same fate to Create-A-Wrestler II. Cyclone would free himself from Jacobs’ grasp & flee, leaving only his cape behind.

Night Three would also see the Golden Trio beat the Flood Elite in the Semi Finals to meet the Devastation Corporation in the tournament Finals.

The Flood would take the victory, with the Devastation Corporation beating the Golden Trio with a Death Blow to Dasher Hatfield, but not before Icarus has kicked out of the fearsome finishing manoeuvre.

As the Devastation Corporation celebrated, the Flood would attack the Golden Trio in the ring. Jacobs threatened Icarus that he would reduce CHIKARA to ashes unless he handed over the Grand Championship. Reluctantly, Icarus passed the golden belt to Eddie Kingston. As Kingston turned to leave with his prize, Icarus grabbed a microphone & told Eddie that the title meant nothing if there was no CHIKARA & asked him whether he wanted to be a worthy champion or the king of ashes.

Kingston would respond by handing the Grand Championship back to Icarus & attacking Jimmy Jacobs. As the Flood retreated, Kingston told Icarus to keep the title warm.

Eddie would team with the Golden Trio against the Flood at Thunderball in October but would find his new teammates reluctant to trust him. In the end, he would save Icarus from a spear by Jimmy Jacobs that allowed the tecnico team to pick up the victory. The Flood would gain a measure of revenge by beating down the CHIKARA team after the match & Jacobs, who would meet Icarus for the Grand Championship the next night, warned Icarus that he would take the title from him.

Moonraker, held the following night would see Delirious team with the BDK against the Spectral Envoy. Delirious would make several attempts to persuade Frightmare to join him but to no avail. At the end of the match, Jakob Hammermeier would hand the Eye of Tyr over to Delirious.

Eddie Kingston would defeat Volgar in a singles match but would be attacked by the Flood afterwards. After a brawl involving the CHIKARA roster, in which Deucalion would again be unmasked, ring announcer Gavin Loudspeaker found himself left alone with the Flood’s monster.

Archibald Peck heroically ran to the ring to save Gavin but would suffer Deucalion’s choke breaker for his efforts. This would be the last time Archie would be seen.

Later that evening, Icarus defended the Grand Championship against Jimmy Jacobs. The loss would bring Deucalion back to the ring & he looked to deliver the fearsome choke breaker to Jimmy Jacobs as punishment. Icarus saved Jacobs with a spear that took Deucalion off his feet.

Deucalion would make his in ring debut at On Her Majesty’s Secret Service in November, where he would team with 17, The Shard, Jimmy Jacobs & Volgar against the Spectral Envoy & the Batiri.

The CHIKARA team would take the victory after The Shard was pinned. After the match Deucalion grabbed Frightmare for a choke breaker only for 17 (who had previously seen deviANT destroyed by the choke breaker) to turn on him, saving Frightmare before fleeing. Deucalion would then look to punish Jimmy Jacobs but Jacobs would remind him that it was The Shard who actually lost the match. It would be enough to make Deucalion change his mind & The Shard would suffer the choke breaker instead of Jacobs.

As Jacobs & Volgar made their way backstage, they found 17’s mask & attire discarded on the floor.

The following night at For Your Eyes Only, the BDK would see the return of a familiar face as Jakob’s minion Slaash would be unmasked as Pinkie Sanchez. Sanchez would attack Milo Schnitzler on Jakob’s orders, removing Schnitzler from the BDK.

Icarus would confront Deucalion & Jimmy Jacobs, demanding a match with Deucalion. The challenge was accepted & a match was scheduled for the Season finale in December.

At Tomorrow Never Dies both sides would seek to put an end to the war between CHIKARA & the Flood.

Eddie Kingston would finally face Jimmy Jacobs & in victory, earned his third point to challenge for the Grand Championship.

His celebrations would be short lived as Kid Cyclone ran to the ring & attacked Kingston. Cyclone unmasked & named himself as Kevin Condron. Blaming Kingston for the loss of his Greenhorn Militia brethren, Condron vowed to right Kingston’s wrongs. Condron took back his cape from Jimmy Jacobs before unchaining the Snow Troll.

Ashley Remington & Juan Francisco de Coronado would end their feud with a German Suplex Match. Both men held a victory over the other with Remington having beaten de Coronado at Thunderball & de Coronado taking a victory at On Her Majesty’s Secret Service but it would be Ashley Remington who would prove victorious at the season finale.

The Throwbacks would lose Los Campeonatos de Parejas to the Devastation Corporation & Delirious was defeated in a Loser Leaves CHIKARA match by UltraMantis Black. Before he left, Delirious produced the Eye of Tyr & used it on Hallowicked. The result was Hallowicked turning on his Spectral Envoy teammate. The Eye’s effects would also be felt by Frightmare, who appeared to try & resist them but would leave with Hallowicked when commanded to do so.

The Flood & CHIKARA would face off against each other in the Torneo Cibernetico. Jakob Hammermeier would lead the team of Oleg the Usurper, Jaka, Flex Rumblecrunch, Oliver Grimsly, Nøkken, Volgar & Soldier Ant against the Colony, the Batiri, the Osirian Portal & Jervis Cottonbelly.

The Cibernetico was won in dominant fashion by Soldier Ant, who chose to leave the ring after the match by the CHIKARA entrance & not the Flood’s entrance.

The main event would see Deucalion & Icarus fight inside a steel cage. Icarus made his way to the ring with the Estonian ThunderFrog’s Hammer of Peace, which had been missing since the ThunderFrog’s demise at the hands of Deucalion. The Hammer could only be lifted by someone worthy of holding it.

With the CHIKARA roster surrounding the cage, Icarus would counter Deucalion’s choke breaker & take victory with the CHIKARA Special, only for Deucalion to summon the Flood to his aid.

As the Flood gathered outside the steel cage, Icarus climbed to the top rope with the Hammer of Peace in his hands. Jimmy Jacobs held back the other members of the Flood, telling them that Deucalion would kill them all. As Jacobs told Deucalion he had made his bed, now die in it, Icarus came off the top rope to hit Deucalion with the Hammer of Peace.