Season Five

By Sen

Season 5 would begin in February of 2006 with the Tag World Grand Prix. Held over three nights, the tournament would see the crowning of the first ever Campeones de Parejas.

Having been kicked out of the Kings of Wrestling at the end of Season Four, Arik Cannon would find himself in need of a new partner in order to compete at the Tag World Grand Prix. Cannon would be rejected by Mark Wolf, Adam Flash, Jigsaw, Andy Sumner, Niles Young & Jervis Cottonbelly before Jigsaw would reconsider & agree to team with Cannon.

Cannon & Jigsaw would be successful in their opening round match against Kevin Steen & Sexxxy Eddy but would exit the tournament after a second round loss to Osamu Nishimura & Katsushi Takemura.

Cannon went on to singles success during the season by winning the Young Lions Cup in June. After three successful defences against Jon Moxley, Equinox & Lance Steel, Cannon would lose the Cup in October to Max Boyer.

The Tag World Grand Prix would also find Hallowicked seeking a new partner after his regular tag team partner, UltraMantis Black was unable to compete due to injury. A random draw would see Delirious selected as Hallowicked’s partner & the two would make their way to the Semi Finals with wins over Crossbones & Rorschach plus Cheech & Cloudy in the first two rounds before beating team DDT in the Quarter Finals. They would lose to the eventual tournament winners, Claudio Castagnoli & Chris Hero in the Semi Finals.

Hallowicked & Delirious, now known as Incoherence, would continue to team together for the rest of the season much to the chagrin of Hallowicked’s Dark Breed partner, UltraMantis Black, who, on his return from injury, would form a new stable known as the Order of The Neo Solar Temple with Crossbones & Hydra.

UltraMantis Black & Hallowicked would meet in a singles match in September, which would see UltraMantis Black take the victory after an assist from Hydra. Incoherence would gain a measure of revenge in November by beating UltraMantis Black & Hydra in a tag team contest and again taking victory in an Atomico at the season finale, which would see the Order of The Neo Solar Temple joined by Blind Rage, while Incoherence would partner with “Hallowickedcito” & “Deliriouscito”, otherwise known as Cheech & Cloudy.

The Tag World Grand Prix would also see Mister ZERO suffer a career ending injury at the hands of Icarus, as Men At Work, ZERO’s tag team with Shane Storm fell to F.I.S.T. in the second round.

Following the loss of his tag team partner, Shane Storm would being to team with Jigsaw, facing F.I.S.T in a tag team match in March, with Icarus pinning Jigsaw for the win. The two would go on to meet each other in several contests with Icarus unmasking Jigsaw in a trios match in June. As a result of his actions, Commissioner Bob Saget ordered a Lucha de Apuesta with Icarus’ hair against the mask of Jigsaw.

This match was held in July & would see Jigsaw defeat Icarus. Upon realising that he was about to lose his blonde hair, Icarus tried to flee only to be met by Jolly Roger & Mister ZERO, who escorted him back to the ring to lose his hair.

The humiliation would only serve to drive Icarus on. He would emerge as the Cibernetico winner in October & F.I.S.T would take the Campeonatos de Parejas from their Kings of Wrestling stablemates, Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli, in November. Infuriated by the loss & by rumours that Claudio was signing with the WWE, Hero would turn on Castagnoli, attacking him with help from F.I.S.T., only for Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw & Shane Storm to make the save & drive the Kings of Wrestling from the ring.

Hero & Castagnoli became the first ever Campeones de Parejas after winning the Tag World Grand Prix at the start of the season. The day after the new tag titles had been won, Director of Fun Leonard F. Chikarason would explain the rules regarding the Campeonatos de Parejas. In order to challenge for the titles, a team would have to accrue three points by winning three consecutive tag team matches. If a team accrued the required points but lost a tag team match prior to their title match, all points would be lost & the team would have to restart their title quest.

The first team to accrue the required points, Lance-A-Lot, would suffer this fate after being eliminated in a tag team gauntlet match on the eve of their title match. This caused further tension between Lance Steel & Lance Steel, which began over the younger Lance Steel’s friendship with Dragon Dragon & Retail Dragon. This would eventually lead to a Loser Banished to the Past Match, which saw the younger Lance take a tainted victory to send the older version of himself back to the past.

The season would also see a fierce rivalry between Larry Sweeney & Eddie Kingston, which began during Sweeney’s “Winner’s Circle” interview segments in April & May. Sweeney questioned Kingston’s track record with tag team partners and Kingston walked away from the interview.

Later in the evening, Sweeney, after winning back his ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television title from Milano Collection AT, would invite Kingston back to “The Winner’s Circle”. When Kingston came out, Sweeney apologised for criticising the King of Diamonds earlier. Kingston accepted the apology, shook hands with Sweeney & gave him a hug, only for Sweeney to sucker punch him with brass knuckles.

The two would meet in a singles match for the ICW/ICWA Tex-Arkana Television title in June, at Night Three of the Young Lions Cup. Sweeney would lose the match by DQ but would hold on to his title & subject Kingston to a vicious assault after the match.

Kingston would have his revenge the following month, when he met Sweeney for the Tex-Arkana title once more. This time Kingston would pin Sweeney to win the match & Sweeney’s beloved title. Sweeney’s first attempt to win back the belt in August would end in a double count out after Sweeney grabbed the title along with UltraMantis Black’s car keys & left the building. When Kingston went after him, Sweeney ran him down with UltraMantis Black’s car, leaving Eddie nursing a damaged knee.

Sweeney & Kingston would captain Cibernetico teams against each other before settling their feud in a “Yellow-Bellied Strap Match” at the Season finale in November, in which Kingston would take the victory.