Season Fifteen

By Rave

One strike was all it took. Betrayed and abandoned by the forces he had assembled, Deucalion lay motionless in the ring, the threat he had posed to CHIKARA finally ended by Icarus and the Hammer of Peace. His now-former right hand, Jimmy Jacobs, subsequently departed from CHIKARA. Over the interval between Seasons, much of the Flood would be wiped from the roster, though certain remnants would remain and quickly resurface, attempting to re-integrate themselves within what they had tried to destroy. The war was well and truly over.

After the events of Tomorrow Never Dies, Delirious, whose actions during that event would resonate throughout the whole of the upcoming Season, sent his longtime associate Daizee Haze to meet with the remaining members of the Bruderschaft des Kreuzes. Though she would turn down Jakob Hammermeier‘s offer to rejoin their ranks, she would deliver a gift from Delirious: a box, containing what Hammermeier described as “power”, and later confirmed to be the returned Eye of Tyr.

Season Fifteen began on January 25th, 2015, with the aptly-titled A New Start. A massive ten-person tag saw the Wrecking Crew (Max Smashmaster, Blaster McMassive, Flex Rumblecrunch, Oleg the Usurper, and Jaka, with manager Sidney Bakabella) victorious over the combined forces of the Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield and “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti), Princess Kimberlee, Shynron, and Jervis Cottonbelly; Nøkken of the BDK earned his third Grand Championship point, defeating Ophidian; Missile Assault Ant abandoned his partner in the Colony: Xtreme Force, Arctic Rescue Ant, after an abrupt defeat at the hands of N_R_G (Race Jaxon and Hype Rockwell); UltraMantis Black defeated Juan Francisco de Coronado; Soldier Ant joined forces with the BDK’s Hammermeier and Pinkie Sanchez to defeat his former comrades in the Colony (Silver Ant, Fire Ant, and Worker Ant); Eddie Kingston was disqualified for a low blow faked by Kevin Condron; with a new look and new attitude courtesy of Delirious and the Eye of Tyr, Hallowicked and Frightmare defeated the Batiri (Obariyon and Kodama); and Icarus made the Season’s first defense of the Grand Championship, defeating Chuck Taylor. This match was not without controversy, as both men had used tactics that they had employed in past Seasons as part of what was known as CHIKARA’s most dangerous Trio, F.I.S.T.

After National Pro Wrestling Day 2015 (an event which saw the CHIKARA debut of Argus and the one night returns of Shane Storm and Shayne Hawke) in February, Director of Fun Mike Quackenbush announced a new tournament that would take place over the whole of the Season: the Challenge of the Immortals, where teams would compete to win a Golden Opportunity, defined as the ability for each winning team member to command a match for whatever title they wished at any time, bypassing point restrictions in the process. Ten captains were soon selected by Quackenbush, and a draft was held on Twitter to decide who else would comprise each four person team. This was also not without some controversy, as Condron, upset that he had not been chosen as a captain (seeing it as a personal bias against him on the part of Quackenbush) withdrew from the draft, and team captains Max Smashmaster (egged on by Bakabella) and UltraMantis engaged in one-upmanship and a subsequent trade in which neither wanted Oleg the Usurper. The resulting teams were Dasher’s Dugout (Icarus, Heidi Lovelace, and Touchdown, captained by Dasher), the Wrecking Crew (McMassive, Rumblecrunch, and Jaka, captained by Smashmaster), the Nightmare Warriors (Frightmare, Blind Rage, and Silver Ant, captained by Hallowicked), the Arcane Horde (the Batiri and Oleg, captained by UltraMantis), the United Nations (Prakash Sabar, the Proletariat Boar of Moldova, and Mr. Azerbaijan, captained by de Coronado), Crown and Court (Los Ice Creams (El Hijo del Ice Cream and Ice Cream Jr.) and Cottonbelly, captained by Kimberlee), the Snake Pit (Argus, Shynron, and Kingston, captained by Ophidian), Battle Hive (Worker Ant, Fire Ant, and Ashley Remington, captained by Amasis), the BDK (Nøkken, Sanchez, and Soldier Ant, captained by Hammermeier), and the Gentleman’s Club (Orange Cassidy, Drew Gulak, and the Swamp Monster, captained by Taylor). The double round robin tournament (each team having to face each other twice, in a different match configuration each time) commenced at Out on a Limb the next month, with Icarus and Touchdown defeating Frightmare and Silver Ant.

Citing that he now had a new master, the entity known as Nazmaldun, and speaking perfect English, Hallowicked made several demands of UltraMantis: one, that he was not to recruit any others; two, that he was to find and return Delirious; and three, that he was to submit himself to Nazmaldun’s judgement. All came under threat of destruction. All were subsequently ignored.

Still angry at Quackenbush for the perceived slight mentioned above, Condron began to gather his own team, which would soon be christened Battleborn (later Kevin Condron Presents Battleborn), specifically seeking out those who the Flood had left behind. He began with Volgar, as he approached him during Altar Egos, claiming that he knew his secret. What this secret was would not be revealed until May, though Condron would continue to court Volgar until then. Meanwhile, Nøkken claimed an opportunity to win the Grand Championship, but unfortunately came up short.

Jervis Cottonbelly, heartened by proof that the Estonian Thunderfrog was alive in the form of a video shown to fans after Tomorrow Never Dies, began a search for his formerly fallen friend. In a video shown to fans after Altar Egos, a fortune teller directed him to begin his search to the West, but warned him to be careful, as dark forces had begun to pursue him.

A four event tour took CHIKARA to the UK for the very first time in April. N_R_G earned enough points to claim their first opportunity to win the Campeonatos de Parejas, but the newer duo were quickly derailed by the seemingly invincible Devastation Corporation in two straight falls. While the COTI continued to heat up (with frontrunners Dasher’s Dugout, the Nightmare Warriors, and the Wrecking Crew quickly establishing their dominance over the other teams), the main event of the last event of the tour, Afternoon Delight, featured a defense of the Grand Championship by Icarus against the villainous Hallowicked, who had utilized interference and chicanery to earn his three points. In a result that shocked the CHIKArmy, Hallowicked made Icarus tap out to the very move that had he had used to win the Grand Championship from Eddie Kingston, the CHIKARA Special, and took the Grand Championship in the name of Nazmaldun.

In May, the new Wrestle Factory was opened, with fans being invited inside for what was described as a smaller and more intimate event, Back to Skull. Condron, who had chosen his next “target” in the form of Missile Assault Ant earlier in the evening, once again approached Volgar, gifting him a microphone, and revealed that he was not Volgar after all. Instead, he was “Juke Joint” Lucas Calhoun, someone who, according to Condron, was meant to perform and be loved. Acknowledging the reveal of his secret, Volgar shed his mask and left with Condron. Meanwhile, Dasher Hatfield earned his third point for a match with Grand Champion Hallowicked.

The next night, during Aniversario: A New Attitude, Hallowicked made his first defense of the Grand Championship, defeating Ashley Remington (who had earned his third point during Spring Breakout earlier in the month). Oleg the Usurper earned his third point to challenge Hallowicked, which pleased Bakabella, who had taken to sabotaging his charge’s COTI matches as part of the Arcane Horde. Princess Kimberlee and Jervis Cottonbelly also won their third point to challenge the Devastation Corporation. N_R_G also introduced an energy drink, Electric Monkey, into their matches, similar to 3.0 and Red Bull, though this was shortly revealed to be part of a sponsorship deal. A mysterious spokesman for Electric Monkey, Stan Malibu, would appear later in the Season, only to subsequently vanish.

During the month of June, Condron continued to stalk Missile Assault Ant, while leading the proto-Battleborn to victory against Icarus and Heidi Lovelace at Sword of Destiny. Dasher earned his fourth point against the debuting Tommaso Ciampa, while the Colony assembled to attempt to return their former comrade Soldier Ant to normal, an attempt that nearly succeeded before the Nightmare Warriors thwarted it with a surprise attack. After the event concluded, the fans rose to their feet, demanding one more match, and they were rewarded for their persistence. This birthed a new CHIKARA tradition: the encore match.

The next night, during Shock and Aww, Heidi Lovelace made her first defense of the Young Lions Cup, defeating Argus; Condron once again made an overture towards Missile Assault Ant, canceling a match between MAA and Calhoun and receiving an uppercut for his troubles; UltraMantis Black was injured during an in-ring accident, but not before making a deal with the Batiri for their continued assistance; Oleg came up short against Hallowicked; and fans once again demanded and received an encore match.

At the beginning of July, the CHIKArmy was whipped into a frenzy of speculation by an image, teasing something called “Journey Into CHIKARA“. Later in the month, this would be revealed to be a weekly show, given a trial run of four (originally six) weeks, featuring footage from previously-held events, streamed on both Youtube and CHIKARAtopia.

Though they were supported by the CHIKArmy, who had donned bowler hats and tiaras in their honor for the evening, Kimberlee and Cottonbelly came up short in their bid for the CdP during Storming the Castle. The next night, during The Immaculate Election, Dasher would also come up short against Hallowicked, while earlier in the evening, Amasis would defeat Frightmare to attain his third point. However, the championships were not what everyone was talking about after this event, as once again, Kevin Condron and his Battleborn were the center of controversy.

Condron had come into the event with a plan. Prior to it, he solicited the CHIKArmy for images related to Condor Security’s shutdown of CHIKARA at the close of Aniversario: Never Compromise, seeking the lone Ant in the midst of the swarm. While Wink Vavasseur had confirmed back in 2013 that he had been assigned the Colony: Xtreme Force, Condron would further confirm that the man who became Missile Assault Ant had indeed been part of Condor Security (with the implication that Orbit Adventure Ant and Arctic Rescue Ant had also been). With the aid of Troll, who had stolen MAA’s backpack during the intermission of Shock and Aww, he was able to further reveal that MAA had been ordered to blow up a school bus full of children during an excursion in Zimbabwe, an act that MAA had been carrying the weight of ever since. Broken by the reveal, MAA removed his mask and left the ring. He was soon renamed Missile Assault Man.

CHIKARA returned to the Wrestle Factory in August for The Good Life. Princess Kimberlee rallied Los Ice Creams after a loss to Frightmare and Blind Rage of the Nightmare Warriors, signaling a resurgence in Crown & Court who had previously lagged behind the other teams in points; Juan Francisco de Coronado made several attempts to speak to the crowd, only to be booed profusely and taken out by Amasis; N_R_G earned their third point for a rematch with the Devastation Corporation; and Hallowicked made another successful defense of the Grand Championship, this time against Amasis.

Like the previous year, CHIKARA made a stop at First Energy Stadium, presenting an event full of COTI matches, during which El Hijo del Ice Cream took Kimberlee’s encouragement to heart, shocking the CHIKArmy by pinning Blind Rage during a COTI match (and rematch from earlier in the month) pitting Los Ice Creams against Rage and Frightmare. Crown & Court, once regarded as a ‘joke’ team that had languished in dead last, had begun to move up the standings in a big way.

It was soon time for King of Trios, which had kicked off in a huge way back in March with the very first announced team: the infamous Bullet Club, represented by the Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) and, making his official CHIKARA debut, AJ Styles. The list of guests soon included the blue World order (the Blue Meanie, Stevie Richards, and Nova), Team ATTACK! (Mark Andrews, Pete Dunne, and “Flash” Morgan Webster), Team Fight Club PRO (Trent Seven, Tyler Bate, and Daniel Moloney, replacing the originally-announced MK McKinnan), and Team AAA (Fénix, Aero Star, and Drago), while each COTI team would field a representative Trio. Rounding out the field was Battleborn, who made Night One into their coming-out party by taking the heavily favored representatives of Dasher’s Dugout, 2014’s runner-ups the Golden Trio (Icarus and the Throwbacks), out of the competition in the first round. Unfortunately for Condron and his Battleborn, they did not make it past Night Two, as they were defeated by the Bullet Club, who would subsequently make their way into the finals by defeating Team Fight Club PRO.

Another heavy favorite, the defending 2014 King of Trios the Devastation Corporation (Max Smashmaster, Blaster McMassive, and Flex Rumblecrunch), were shockingly eliminated by Team AAA during the semi-finals, but not before they clashed with their COTI rivals the Arcane Horde (represented by the Batiri and Oleg, with an injured UltraMantis at ringside). While the Horde were defeated, this match would shift the landscape of CHIKARA in two ways. First, Oleg, having grown tired of constantly being berated and sabotaged by Bakabella and having tasted freedom as part of the Horde, severed his ties with the Wrecking Crew, ripping up his contract and subjecting Bakabella to Off With His Head, resulting in Bakabella’s unceremonious exit from CHIKARA and the end of the invincibility the Wrecking Crew had enjoyed prior. Second, after winning the match, the Devastation Corporation took revenge for their fallen manager, attacking UltraMantis and crushing his injured leg with his crutch. UltraMantis would later announce his retirement from in-ring competition, but would continue to lead the Horde from the sidelines.

Though an accidental mishap almost put Fénix’s participation in jeopardy during Night Two, Team AAA also made their way into the finals, their path claiming three of CHIKARA’s representative teams: the Gentleman’s Club (Chuck Taylor, Drew Gulak, and the Swamp Monster, assisted by longtime associate Doc Colonel Nolan Angus), the Nightmare Warriors (Hallowicked, Frightmare, and Silver Ant, the latter of whom had begun to succumb to the corruption of Nazmaldun) the aforementioned Devastation Corporation. For the very first time, CHIKARA would have a truly outside team win the King of Trios. Fifteen minutes of action later, the winners were decided, as Fénix pinned Matt Jackson after a springboard 450 splash to crown Team AAA as the 2015 King of Trios.

Outside the yearly tournament, Crown & Court moved out of last place in the COTI by defeating the Gentleman’s Club in an Atomicos match; Shynron defended his Rey de Voladores crown against Mark Andrews, but was unsuccessful in becoming a two-time winner; after an unexplained absence of nearly a year, 3.0 (Shane Matthews and Scott “Jagged” Parker) made their triumphant return to team with N_R_G in a successful outing against the similarly-returning remaining members of the Colony: Xtreme Force (Arctic Rescue Ant, who had disappeared following his abandonment by Missile Assault Ant, and Orbit Adventure Ant, who had disappeared in late 2014) and guests The Flying Francis (Matt Novak and Branden O’Connor); Heidi Lovelace made another successful defense of the Young Lions Cup, this time against the Proletariat Boar of Moldova; and once again, Battleborn were the center of controversy as, attempting to recreate the events that caused the demise of his late partners Create-A-Wrestler II and Equinox III during the tag gauntlet, Kevin Condron demanded that Missile Assault Man destroy his former Colony: Xtreme Force partners. When MAM refused, declaring solidarity with his former comrades in the form of a wholehearted shout of “MISSILE! ASSAULT! ANT!”, Condron did it himself, shocking everyone, including his own partners and even himself, by utilizing Deucalion’s feared chokebreaker to end the career of Orbit Adventure Ant. As Condron tried to process what he had done, Battleborn fell prey to the BDK’s Pinkie Sanchez and Nøkken, who claimed their third point.

Traumatized by what he had done, Condron’s psyche had shattered. Though he would try to deny his baser instincts, a darker presence was starting to make itself known. He would attempt to lay down for Icarus during a Trios match at Justice is Blind later in the month, and would subsequently abandon his partners, fleeing the building with the Winged Ring Warrior in pursuit. In the process, Icarus would discover that he was no longer worthy of wielding the Hammer, to the point where he could no longer even lift it. Meanwhile, the match itself would be won by nefarious-seeming means, as Touchdown had gifted Dasher a new elbowpad, one that Touchdown was suspiciously protective of and that made Dasher’s already-feared elbow strikes even stronger.

The next night, in the main event of The Marta Complex, N_R_G would shock the CHIKArmy and prove that the Devastation Corporation were no longer invincible by making good on their second chance at the Campeonatos de Parejas, taking the accolade as their own and ending the Dev Corp’s nearly year-long reign as Campeones.

Mark Andrews returned to CHIKARA in a surprise appearance during Colony Collapse in October, replacing the absent Nøkken and claiming his third point against Juan Francisco de Coronado; the suspicious elbowpad made a return to assist Dasher’s Dugout in claiming their tenth COTI point and the lead in the competition; though he attempted to talk him down at first, Worker Ant pinned Soldier Ant during a COTI tag match, though Worker would get his knee (which had been troubling him since Night Two of King of Trios 2014) destroyed by Soldier post-match after threatening Hammermeier, who still had a hold on the brainwashed Ant; Shynron secured his second point, defeating Mr. Touchdown and ensuring that his match with Andrews the next night would result in a guaranteed shot at the Grand Championship for the winner; and, having taken Condron’s hated nickname as his alias, the darker presence in his mind, Snowflake, would make his CHIKARA debut, destroying Argus.

Shynron’s rematch with Andrews during The Ocean Walker the next night, though appearing to be cut short as he seemingly injured his knee, resulted in the Spirit Dragon attaining his third point. Meanwhile, Icarus continued to attempt to lift the Hammer once more, but was unsuccessful, though he would claim his first point towards a rematch with Hallowicked by defeating longtime rival Juan Francisco de Coronado; the Wrecking Crew attempted to reclaim some of their invincibility by tying Dasher’s Dugout at the top of the COTI leaderboard; the malevolent Snowflake led Battleborn to victory in a four corner elimination tag match; and Los Ice Creams earned another point for Crown & Court, defeating the Batiri.

Later in the month, CHIKARA embarked on a fourevent tour of the mid-west, as the FarmerFrog finally made his debut. Unfortunately, the tour would not go well for him, as he would lose three straight matches. During the tour, Crown & Court claimed another huge win, as they defeated Dasher’s Dugout in a Trios match; Eddie Kingston and Icarus would clash for the first time since You Only Live Twice, with Icarus once again attaining victory; newcomers the Punk Rock All Stars (Drake Carter and Shaun Cannon) dominated a four corner elimination tag to attain three points; Hallowicked successfully defended the Grand Championship against Shynron; Kingston came out on the losing end of a COTI match against Blind Rage thanks to copious amounts of cheating by the Nightmare Warriors, resulting in him attacking Hallowicked during a later Trios contest in revenge; and El Hijo del Ice Cream repeated his feat from earlier in the Season as he pinned Blind Rage again, this time in a COTI singles contest. After the tour, the ranks of the Grand Championship point standings had swelled, with a record nine people waiting in the wings to attain their third point and challenge Hallowicked. Crown & Court, who had started at the very bottom of the COTI leaderboard, were now tied with the Wrecking Crew for second place. It had come down to the Court, the Crew, Dasher’s Dugout, and the Nightmare Warriors, as the other six teams had been mathematically eliminated.

With the last seven COTI matches made for early November, the Wrecking Crew proceeded to cause further problems for UltraMantis Black and the Arcane Horde. Knowing full well that UltraMantis could no longer compete after what happened during King of Trios, the Crew proceeded to demand an Atomicos match and would not accept any other. Frustrated, UltraMantis appealed to Quackenbush, who granted his request that he be allowed to choose a replacement for his team. Having been given the go-ahead, UltraMantis hatched a plan, fulfilling the deal he had made with the Batiri earlier in the Season and giving Kodama the means to summon the Horde’s substitute fourth member from a nearby toilet. Anticipation for what was to come would quickly build amongst the CHIKArmy.

Key Decisions would see Icarus and Kingston each claim their third point, with the former’s coming at the expense of Snowflake; the Crew sabotaged main rivals Crown & Court by causing a DQ in favor of the Snake Pit; Missile Assault Man could not end ex-partner Arctic Rescue Ant’s career via the dreaded chokebreaker, leaving him prey for a dropkick and a rollup from ARA; Juan Francisco de Coronado received a point for the United Nations (and a cake) for his birthday courtesy of a rollup on an unsuspecting Pinkie Sanchez; the Nightmare Warriors kept themselves from being eliminated from the COTI by defeating the Gentleman’s Club in a tag match; and the Wrecking Crew’s bullheadedness proved to be their undoing as, to the utter delight of fans everywhere, the resurrected Kobald stepped out from behind the curtain to join his Batiri brethren and Oleg the Usurper in winning their main event Atomicos contest, with the Prince of All Goblins getting the pinfall via the Demon’s Toilet on Flex Rumblecrunch.

The next night, at Babylon Springs, N_R_G made their first successful defense of the CdP, defeating the Punk Rock All Stars; Hallowicked and Frightmare earned two more points from a four corner elimination tag, making three points for a future shot at N_R_G; Dasher Hatfield discovered Mr. Touchdown’s elbowpad shenanigans, leading to him forfeiting all the COTI and GC points that he had earned, which dropped Dasher’s Dugout from the lead and allowed Crown & Court to take their place in the COTI finals against the Wrecking Crew; Frightmare made a grave miscalculation in ordering Silver Ant to unmask and destroy Fire Ant, causing Silver to turn on him and the Nightmare Warriors; and a historic announcement was made by Quackenbush after both Icarus and Kingston attempted to cash in their accumulated GC points: Hallowicked’s next defense of the GC, set to take place at the Season finale Top Banana, would be against both Icarus and Kingston in the very first three-way Grand Championship defense.

Dasher and de Coronado were soon named captains for the yearly Cibernetico. de Coronado would waste no time picking his team, naming his United Nations brethren, Hammermeier, the debuting Wani, Sanchez, and, shockingly, Mr. Touchdown, who once again made an attempt to apologize for effectively ruining the Dugout’s chances at the Golden Opportunity by taking a shortcut in using the loaded elbowpad, for his team. In contrast, Dasher took his time selecting his team, even asking the CHIKArmy for recommendations (and Icarus if he wanted to join in, which was politely turned down) before selecting Dugout teammate Lovelace, reigning CdP N_R_G, Worker Ant, Oleg the Usurper, Amasis, and FarmerFrog.

Freed from the spell of Nazmaldun, Silver Ant wasted no time in casting off the half-Silver half-Nightmare mask that had become the symbol of his corruption, challenging ex-partner Frightmare to a match in the process. Despite his best efforts, his attempt at revenge would end in defeat, as Frightmare would counter an ankle lock, rolling it through and turning it into a successful pin attempt.

Having feuded with and chased him and Battleborn over the months, even losing to him in his “debut”, Argus issued another challenge to the chaotic Snowflake, who accepted and made it a Trios contest: himself and Battleborn against Argus and Snake Pit teammates Shynron and Ophidian. Argus would have another, unexpected ally in his fight, as Kevin Condron, thought lost to his alter ego after the events of King of Trios, resurfaced, pleading to Argus for help. Near the end of the match, Condron resurfaced once more to speak with Argus, reassuring him that he was on his side, before the Gecko-Roman Grappler pinned Snowflake to win the match for his team. With a huge dose of confidence from finally defeating his foe, Argus looked forward to a very bright future…but Snowflake would soon make him his next target to draft into Battleborn.

The October event name “Colony Collapse” had proved prophetic, as the Colony was nearing complete collapse. Though they had both tried their best, neither Silver Ant nor Worker Ant could break through to Soldier Ant. It was now up to Fire Ant to attempt to return Soldier to who he once was and undo the damage that first Deucalion and then Hammermeier had inflicted. Ironically enough, it was Hammermeier himself who succeeded where the Colony had failed, as an attempt to hit referee Derek Sabato with the Worldstar punch resulted in him striking Soldier instead. The powerful punch was enough to break Soldier’s programming, and he saluted a stunned Fire. Many tears were shed by the CHIKArmy as Soldier reunited with the Colony and his King of Trios medal was returned to him.

Though he mentioned that he had been warned about possible side effects from the “respawning process” (and a worrying hunger for cerebral cortex), Kobald expressed an eagerness to once again rejoin his Batiri brethren in taking on the Gentleman’s Club in a Trios contest. Though Chuck Taylor brought his grenade to the event, the Batiri were successful in defeating their foes, with Kobald spearing Orange Cassidy right out of his sunglasses.

Top Banana was also the site of a very strange event. During the in-ring announcement of the 2015 CHIKARA Yearbook by Director of Fun Mike Quackenbush, the lights went out. When they came back on, Archibald Peck had appeared in the ring, presumably the result of Eddie Kingston having subjected him to a Backfist to the Future in his debut match back in Season Ten, as he had previously described. He shoved Quackenbush and took the Yearbook, then, horrified by its contents, fled the arena. He is still at large.

Team captain Juan Francisco de Coronado was the sole survivor of the Cibernetico, eliminating a distracted Mr. Touchdown. Touchdown, very reluctant to be on the rudo side of the fence to the point of apologizing to his opponents, had been outside the ring checking on a fallen Dasher Hatfield, who had been counted out when he was knocked from the ring apron into the guard rail, when de Coronado pulled him back into the ring and pinned him after a German suplex.

Though they were at a disadvantage at the start of the match, Crown & Court fell back on their belief in each other to pull off a stunning upset, coming back from the brink of defeat to best the Wrecking Crew in the Atomico Challenge of the Immortals final to claim their Golden Opportunities.

Soon, it was time for the main event. Each decked out in new ring gear, Icarus, Eddie Kingston, and Grand Champion Hallowicked fought their hardest to claim CHIKARA’s highest singles accolade. In the end, however, it was Hallowicked retaining his championship in the name of Nazmaldun, finishing off Eddie Kingston with Never Wake Up. Unfortunately for Hallowicked, his evening was nowhere near over.

Utilizing the Golden Opportunity she had won earlier in the evening, Princess Kimberlee bypassed the point requirements for a championship match and challenged Hallowicked for the Grand Championship. Frightmare and Blind Rage appeared to assist Hallowicked in fending off the unexpected challenge, but Los Ice Creams were right on their heels to dispatch them. Soon locked in the CHIKARA Special, Hallowicked had no choice but to tap out, and Princess Kimberlee, who had begun the Season on the outskirts of the title scene, had ended it as the fourth-ever and first female Grand Champion, a moment which will be forever etched into not only CHIKARA history, but professional wrestling history as a whole.

A few days later, an exclusive epilogue, “Contact” was released with Top Banana, in which the FarmerFrog claimed his previous incarnation’s Hammer. Meanwhile, Nøkken, who had been absent from several events over the Season, parted ways with CHIKARA and was moved to the alumni section of the roster page, though the points he accrued alongside Pinkie Sanchez would still stand. UltraMantis Black would also be moved to the alumni section, reflecting his retirement from in-ring competition.