Season Eleven

By Rave

UltraMantis Black was on top of the world. At the close of Season Ten, he had reclaimed the Eye of Tyr and brought an end to both Die Bruderschaft des Kreuzes and the threat of the Dark Army. All that was left now was a promise he had made. Accompanied by fellow Spectral Envoy faction-mate Hallowicked, he journeyed to the lair of Delirious, who had fled CHIKARA mid-Season Ten, and freed him from the influence of the Eye, hoping to draft him into the Envoy as well. However, the curse of the legendary amulet was not yet finished with UltraMantis. Before he could react, Delirious snatched the Eye away, shattered it with a rock, and fled. Seconds later, in perfect English, Delirious issued an eerie proclamation: “I REMEMBER EVERYTHING.” UltraMantis would soon regret the fulfillment of his promise.

Season Eleven opened at The Thirteenth Hat on January 28th, 2012. In addition to the revelation documented above, it featured Green Ant utilizing the CHIKARA Special: Green to defeat the originator of the CHIKARA Special, Mike Quackenbush; the introduction of “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti by Dasher Hatfield; the first clash between partners-turned-enemies Gran Akuma and Icarus, which ended in a double countout and included interference by another of Icarus’ rivals, Gregory Iron, who had also developed a problem with Akuma following an inadvertent kick to the head at the end of Season Ten; the inauspicious start of Tim Donst‘s reign as kingpin of the BDK as he and Jakob Hammermeier were defeated by 3.0; Ophidian unmasking former Osirian Portal faction-mate Hieracon; and the return of Vin Gerard, who had been exiled from CHIKARA the preceding season after injuring Eddie Kingston. Kingston would chase Gerard from the building before insisting that Director of Fun Wink Vavasseur reinstate him, a request that was denied for the moment.

At A Death Worse Than Fate, an event which also saw Brodie Lee defeat Jigsaw before issuing a challenge for the Grand Championship the next month, the continuation of Archibald Peck‘s losing streak, and the appearance of a Green Ant impersonator, UltraMantis felt the first taste of Delirious’ wrath. The former “Perfect Weapon” interfered during a match for the Campeonatos de Parejas between the Spectral Envoy and Icarus and Chuck Taylor of F.I.S.T. (the former substituting for an injured Johnny Gargano), delivering the Praying Mantis Bomb to his former master and costing the Envoy the match. The next night, at Caught in the Spider’s Den, Delirious made his intentions known. Declaring that UltraMantis’ end would come in 2014, Delirious vowed to make him suffer for two years in revenge for the two years of his life stolen away by the Eye.

Caught in the Spider’s Den also saw the very beginnings of a love affair between Mark Angelosetti and Veronica Ticklefeather; the beginning of Gran Akuma’s trials as Akuma defeated Chuck Taylor; Eddie Kingston successfully defending the Grand Championship against and retiring a newly re-instated Vin Gerard; and the return of the Green Ant impersonator. Along with four other masked men, the impersonator led an attack upon Quackenbush, Jigsaw, and the Colony. Later, their identities were revealed to be 17, The Shard, combatANT, deviANT, and assailANT (the latter three known as the Swarm), collectively known as the GEKIDO.

The GEKIDO immediately made their presence known at Green Ice, with the Swarm targeting the Colony and 17 utilizing one of the variations of the Quackendriver before snapping Quackenbush’s arm back with one of what he would soon term the Seventeen Forgotten Submission Holds, injuring him. Meanwhile, 3.0 journeyed to the Promised Land, defeating Taylor and Icarus for the Campeonatos de Parejas; Angelosetti and Veronica continued their flirting ways, with Veronica ultimately leaving Peck for Angelosetti; and Delirious continued to haunt UltraMantis. Once again, UltraMantis’ plight would only worsen, as Ophidian would align with Delirious the next night at It’s How You Play The Game, stealing UltraMantis’ skull staff in the process. Also at this event, Donst sought to regain the Young Lions Cup that Hallowicked had stolen from him at the end of the prior Season, an effort which would prove unsuccessful; the Swarm successfully unmasked Green Ant; and Brodie Lee’s title aspirations were brought to an end by Kingston in a successful defense of the Grand Championship.

At I’ll Be A Mummy’s Uncle, UltraMantis unsuccessfully attempted to reclaim his staff from Ophidian, who indicated that the staff held the key to his next transformation; fed up with Angelosetti and determined to show Veronica that he could be a winner, Peck donned the identity of Mixed Martial Archie and was ultimately disqualified for excessive violence towards Angelosetti; Akuma faced the second of his trials, defeating Iron; Donst continued to make his case for a match with Hallowicked to regain his Cup, passing around a petition before defeating Jigsaw; and Kingston stood alongside the Colony to face the GEKIDO in a losing effort, one that was witnessed by an injured and angry Quackenbush on commentary.

Following a quick stop at the 2012 Road to Ruin Fest, CHIKARA arrived in Chicago Ridge, IL, for Hot Off the Griddle. The Colony teamed with Jigsaw to revenge themselves upon The Shard and the Swarm of the GEKIDO, with combatANT tapping to Soldier Ant‘s CHIKARA Special; in his debut match, an unlucky Tianlong faced and was soundly defeated by 17, who proceeded to end his fledgling career with another of the Seventeen Forgotten Submission Holds; Donst reclaimed his Cup by attacking Hallowicked during intermission and putting him in the From Dusk ’til Donst, leading Hallowicked to run Donst off during an Atomicos match later in the show; a heated rivalry between 3.0 and the Bravado Brothers began during the same Atomicos match as Lancelot Bravado injured Scott “Jagged” Parker with a chair; after his offer of an alliance was vehemently rejected by Kingston at a Ring of Honor show earlier in the month, Kevin Steen returned to CHIKARA for the first time since 2005 in an unsuccessful attempt to win the Grand Championship; and Akuma successfully completed the third of his trials, a handicap match against the whole of F.I.S.T., with an assist from Iron.

The next night, at The Contaminated Cowl, the Young Bucks secured three points for a future shot at the Campeonatos de Parejas in an elimination tag match also featuring the Spectral Envoy, Donst and Hammermeier, and Kodama and Kobald of the Batiri; The Colony and the Swarm battled once again, with both teams going for each other’s masks before 17 arrived to cause a disqualification; Kingston challenged 17 following the match, coming away with the victory though 17 and The Shard would injure him as well; Jigsaw laid down a challenge for the Grand Championship after defeating Icarus, the match itself noteworthy for being the first time the two had faced off since 2006; and Gargano and Taylor unseated 3.0 to become the first two-time Campeones de Parejas in CHIKARA’s history. The Bravados came out after the match to mock 3.0’s loss (one they had partially caused the night before by injuring Jagged), but left before anything else could happen.

Aniversario time had come again. Over two nights, at Aniversario: A Horse of Another Color and Aniversario: The Ogg and I, fans amused themselves by singing “Whacking Day” from The Simpsons as Ophidian was defeated by Dasher Hatfield; Season Eleven and Season Three collided as Donst and Hammermeier teamed with the Batiri to face Shane Storm, Crossbones, Jolly Roger, Lance Steel, and Rorschach; Mixed Martial Archie was defeated by Darkness Crabtree in an MMA exhibition; Donst challenged Hallowicked to a Lucha de Apuesta (mask versus hair) for the upcoming CHIKARAsaurus Rex; 3.0 and the Bravados continued their feud by interfering in each other’s matches; Frightmare returned from injury to complete the Spectral Envoy in what was unfortunately a losing effort in a multi-team Trios match; and Kingston successfully defended the Grand Championship against Jigsaw.

Not long after the Aniversario shows was CHIKARAsaurus Rex: How to Hatch a Dinosaur. Ophidian completed his transformation, though he would be defeated by UltraMantis; in a Loser Leaves Town match, Mixed Martial Archie (who resurfaced as Archibald Peck midway through the match) and Colt Cabana were defeated by Angelosetti and Hatfield, with Angelosetti using nefarious means to do so and Veronica officially aligning herself with him post-match; in a ladder match refereed by Iron, Akuma completed his last trial, defeating Icarus and winning his way back onto the CHIKARA roster; Hallowicked defeated Donst in a Lucha de Apuesta, taking his hair and nearly taking his Cup; Quackenbush returned to action, replacing an injured Fire Ant in an Atomicos match alongside Kingston and the remaining Colony against the GEKIDO, gaining a measure of revenge against 17 for injuring him earlier in the Season; and the Young Bucks cashed in their three points to win the Campeonatos de Parejas from Gargano and Taylor. After this event, Peck embarked on a journey through North America, which was soon documented through the “Where In The World Is Archibald Peck?” video series, and would soon be the focal point of a very strange series of events taking place during both this Season and the next.

Young Lions Cup season began at The Foggiest Notion, an event which also saw 3.0 defeat the Bravados, as Hammermeier won his way into the competition. Angelosetti joined the fray at Smack in the Middle, while three GEKIDO/CHIKARA mirror matches (Green Ant vs. deviANT, Jigsaw vs. The Shard, and Soldier Ant vs. assailANT) took place, Donst’s arrogance pre-CHIKARAsaurus Rex had worn away, replaced by a crazed desperation as he was defeated and soundly mocked by Sara Del Rey (his change in attitude would soon be accompanied by antipathy and disdain towards Hammermeier), and Kingston successfully defended the Grand Championship against Hatfield. Next into the tournament was newcomer Anthony Stone, who advanced at The Great Escape. Also at The Great Escape was the successful debut of a familiar-looking masked fellow by the name of The Mysterious and Handsome Stranger; the announcement that, determined by Wink’s CHIKARAbermetrics calculations, Soldier Ant would be forced to join the Swarm for the upcoming King of Trios; and another successful defense by Kingston, this time against Del Rey. At Give ‘Em The Axe the next night, Del Rey took her final bows as a CHIKARA competitor after a loss to Icarus; in a strange backstage segment, Donst attempted to curtail Hammermeier’s enthusiasm about being in the Young Lions Cup tournament, then advised him to leave professional wrestling after proclaiming Hallowicked a god (marking the start of an odd idol worship phase for Donst towards Hallowicked); ACH became the fourth competitor to advance in the Young Lions Cup tournament; and the Young Bucks successfully defended the Campeonatos de Parejas against Angelosetti and Hatfield, with Veronica sowing discord between the two after the loss and after Hatfield had given Angelosetti an ultimatum regarding his use of questionable tactics.

A Benefit for Baseballtown Charities saw the debut of Sidney Bakabella and his Devastation Corporation, who destroyed Alan Hunter and JJ Jackson; Marty Jannetty made an appearance to team with Green Ant against Los Ice Creams; Saturyne was next to feel the wrath of the crazed Donst; and Angelosetti resorted to more bullying tactics during a tag match against F.I.S.T., handing out a wedgie and a swirlie to Taylor and Icarus, respectively, yet somehow still remaining a tecnico through it all. The semifinals of the Young Lions Cup tournament were underway at Shoot A Crooked Arrow, as Angelosetti defeated Stone and ACH defeated Hammermeier following interference by Donst; 3.0 fell prey to the Bravados during an elimination tag match; and Wink’s CHIKARAbermetrics once again came into play as Sugar Dunkerton was shuffled out of the Throwbacks and into F.I.S.T. and assailANT took Soldier Ant’s place in the Colony, changes that no one was pleased with. Ophidian and Delirious officially welcomed the Batiri into their ranks at The Ring of Wax, an event which also saw Quackenbush use every variation of the Quackendriver to injure 17 (noticeably upsetting Jigsaw, as it cost him and Quackenbush points) and Angelosetti become the 2012 Young Lions Cup champion.

It was soon time for King of Trios. Another CHIKARAbermetrics calculation saw Akuma join 3.0 for the event, as 3.0’s usual Trios partner El Generico was absent from the tournament. Unfortunately for Wink, all of his created teams that competed (F.I.S.T. being the exception as Dunkerton did not compete in the tournament) were defeated during Round One. Quackenbush struck again, injuring combatANT. Upset at the Throwbacks (Matt Classic having stepped in as their partner following Dunkerton’s removal) losing in the first round, Veronica soon had her eye on the Mysterious and Handsome Stranger. The Devastation Corporation squared off with and came up short against Demolition during a ten man tag gauntlet which eventually saw The 1-2-3 Kid and Jannetty earn two points. After an Atomico, Condor Security arrested The Swamp Monster for post-match disorderly conduct, prompting the Gentleman’s Club to free him after the show. Within the tournament, the Envoy embarked on a hot streak, knocking out both hated rivals the Batiri and perennial favorites F.I.S.T. on their way to the finals. Their eventual opponents, Team ROH (the Young Bucks and Mike Bennett, accompanied by Maria Kanellis), eliminated The Extreme Trio (Tommy Dreamer, Too Cold Scorpio, and Jerry Lynn) and the Sendai Girls (DASH Chisako, Meiko Satomura, and Sendai Sachiko) on their own trek to the finals. The two teams clashed at the end of Night Three, in a twenty minute match that saw Delirious, Ophidian, and the Batiri interfere, only to be chased off with the assistance of a returning Crossbones. With the interference neutralized, Hallowicked ended the match by making Bennett tap out, and the Envoy became the 2012 King of Trios. This was especially noteworthy for being the first and, until Season Seventeen, only accolade won by UltraMantis during his entire time in CHIKARA.

Dunkerton joined F.I.S.T. in Trios action for the first time at Deep Freeze, though it would be in a losing effort against Ophidian and Batiri members Kodama and Obariyon due to discord with his factionmates. Angelosetti made his first successful defense of the Young Lions Cup at the same event, defeating Green Ant. Over this and the next several events, assailANT began to warm up to the idea of being a tecnico, embarking on a quest to get into the good graces of both the fans and the tecnicos, including his factionmates in the Colony. Donst began to target Kingston, while the Mysterious and Handsome Stranger had Angelosetti in his sights. This would cost him the life of his friend, the feral pigeon Sapphire, as she was brutally murdered by Angelosetti at Zelda The Great. Quackenbush’s vendetta against GEKIDO continued at A Piece of the Action as he targeted first The Shard then deviANT, further upsetting Jigsaw. The Mysterious and Handsome Stranger sought revenge for his fallen friend at the same event, but was disqualified for excessive violence during the match, a decision which should sound quite familiar.

The violent rift between Steen and Kingston reared its ugly head once more, as the two men were chosen to lead the Season’s Cibernetico teams. Steen selected Ring of Honor regulars Jimmy Jacobs, the Briscoes, the Bravados, and the Young Bucks for his team. Kingston countered with Frightmare, UltraMantis, Hallowicked, Donst, Akuma, and 3.0. The two teams clashed at The Cibernetico Rises. After an hour-long war, Donst (who had been idolizing Hallowicked during the match to the point of attempting to protect him several times) turned on Kingston and attempted to feed him to Steen, but ended up getting Steen eliminated in the process, turning the match into Donst vs. Kingston. After an assist from Hammermeier and use of a foreign object, Donst secured the win, becoming the sole survivor of the 2012 Cibernetico. After the match, Donst and Hammermeier further brutalized Kingston, resulting in a challenge being made for the Season finale, Under The Hood. Outside the Cibernetico match, Jigsaw turned rudo for the first time in several Seasons, turning on Quackenbush with a superkick and aligning himself with The Shard, the resulting team soon becoming known as the Pieces of Hate.

The Season closed with the Season finale, Under The Hood. 3.0 triumphed over F.I.S.T. to secure a shot at the Campeonatos de Parejas for the following Season. Jigsaw joined GEKIDO to face Quackenbush and the Colony, with assailANT completing his redemption by sacrificing himself to block a superkick from Jigsaw that was intended for Quackenbush. ACH received a rematch for the Young Lions Cup, though he failed to unseat Angelosetti. A CHIKARA-wide vote for the CHIKARA Homecoming King and Queen came to an end, with The Mysterious and Handsome Stranger and Veronica being voted for the respective positions. After a slow dance, Veronica attempted to remove the Stranger’s mask for a kiss, but was stopped and told to turn around and close her eyes…only to receive a bucket of slop poured over her as the Stranger unmasked to reveal that he had been Archibald Peck the entire time. He was quickly hustled out of the building by Condor Security as Veronica pitched a fit. Delirious led his iteration of the Dark Army against the Spectral Envoy, who once again resurrected Blind Rage to even out the numbers. During the match, Ophidian was shocked by the appearance of Amasis, who had been absent from CHIKARA since the preceding Season. The match ended with UltraMantis gaining a measure of revenge on Delirious for all that had happened during the Season. The 1-2-3 Kid and Jannetty, having secured a third point, made an unsuccessful bid for the Campeonatos de Parejas. In the main event, Kingston and Donst battled it out for the Grand Championship in a twenty minute match that saw referee Bryce Remsburg knocked out of the proceedings, Hammermeier show reluctance in assisting Donst with the loaded bag, and the match end with two Backfists to the Future. Afterwards, Hammermeier saved Donst from a further beating. Accepting the possible ire of Kingston as a result of his actions, Hammermeier was prepared for punishment, but in a rare moment of compassion, Kingston let him leave without further issue.

After the show, two videos played. One featured two men in hazmat suits near the lair of Delirious where the Eye had been smashed picking up and placing something (assumed to be the pieces of the Eye) into a bag. The other featured Wink being ordered by his father Conrad Vavasseur not to “screw up” any further. A third video was released to Youtube afterward, describing the very strange and very complicated reason Archibald Peck would be able to return to competition. Due to time travel, there were now two Pecks: one who was backfisted to the past during the Loser Leaves Town match, and one who lost that match and had been walking all that time, eventually reaching Parts Unknown. It had been the former who had assumed the identity of the Mysterious and Handsome Stranger, and by virtue of not having been the one who lost the Loser Leaves Town match, he would be allowed to compete until he received another Backfist, which would theoretically complete the time loop. This didn’t come into play until the following Season.