Season Eight

By Sen

Season Eight would begin in January of 2009 with a ladder match for the vacant Young Lions Cup between Vin Gerard & Jimmy Olsen as Equinox, with Olsen taking the victory to become the new Young Lions Cup champion. Olsen would hold the Cup until the Young Lions Cup VII tournament in August, making successful defences against Amasis & his former tag team partner, Colin Delaney.

Night One of the YLC VII would see tag team partners Tim Donst & Hydra face each other in a first round match. Hydra would take the win, leaving Donst, who already blamed Hydra for earlier tag team losses in the year, frustrated.

At Night Three of the YLC VII, the Sea Donsters & their partner, K.C “Cloudy” Day, lost to the trio of Player Uno, Yellow Dog & Dasher Hatfield. This loss would see Donst snap & turn on his partner, Hydra.

The following month Donst & Hydra would face each other again in singles competition. Donst would take a submission victory in just 16 seconds but only after having savagely beaten his former tag team partner in an attack prior to the match. After a further attack the following night, Director of Fun Leonard F. Chikarason suspended Donst for 60 days.

A Loser Leaves CHIKARA match between the former Sea Donsters was set upon Donst’s return in November. This would see Donst victorious after a low blow & force Hydra into retirement.

The YLC tournament would see Player Dos of The Super Smash Brothers crowned as the new YLC Champion after having defeated his own tag team partner in the quarter finals & beating Colin Delaney in the Finals.

The tournament would also see the debut of Vokoder, who would later join the Order of The Neo Solar Temple.

The Order of The Neo Solar Temple would spend the early part of the season trying to recruit a new member. Sami Callihan & Pinkie Sanchez failed to impress & in April, UltraMantis Black & Crossbones kidnapped Delirious, who would debut as a new Solar Temple recruit in May.

UltraMantis would reveal that he had traded the counter to the CHIKARA Special in exchange for the Eye of Tyr, which had been in the possession of Dr. Cube. By teaching the counter to Chris Hero & allowing him to defeat Equinox in Season 6, UltraMantis had been able to get Hero to agree to leave CHIKARA to work for Dr. Cube in Kaiju Big Battel. The strange artifact enabled UMB to brainwash Delirious & make him a member of the Order. Legend had it that the Eye must only be used once & then given away or it would bring bad luck. UMB refused to believe this & kept the Eye in his possession.

On the last night of the YLC, Mantis would be left a box by a mysterious masked man dressed in white. The box contained a note that stated a war was coming. After further encounters with the same man & his associate, a much larger man also dressed in white, a rattled Mantis would recruit Vokoder to the Order of The Neo Solar Temple to help protect the Eye of Tyr.

Along with the debut of Vokoder, Season 8 would also see two new members of the Colony, but the group would also suffer the loss of Worker Ant. This would occur after losing a King Of Trios qualifying match to “CHIKARA’s most dangerous trio”, Icarus, Chuck Taylor & Gran Akuma, collectively known as F.I.S.T.

After the match Chuck Taylor delivered an Awful Waffle outside the ring to Worker Ant, ending his career in the process. While Worker Ant was helpless on the floor, Green Ant would make his debut, coming to assist his fallen Colony team mate.

F.I.S.T. would go on to reaffirm their Trios dominance by winning King of Trios, beating the Death Match Kings, the F1rst Family and The Future Is Now to set up a finals match with Team Uppercut, a team made up of Bryan Danielson, Dave Taylor & Claudio Castagnoli. F.I.S.T. would secure a submission victory with Chuck Taylor forcing Danielson to tap out in a cross crab.

The rivalry between F.I.S.T. & the Colony would continue to Aniversario in May, when, at Aniversario Yang, the two would meet in a double Apuesta mask vs. hair tag team match. This would pit Chuck Taylor & Icarus of F.I.S.T. against Fire Ant & Soldier Ant with the members of F.I.S.T. wagering their hair against the masks of the Colony.

Despite interference from F.I.S.T.’s Gran Akuma, the Colony would emerge victorious, after an assist from another new member, Carpenter Ant. The Colony would keep their masks & won the hair of their opponents.

The Colony would go on to greater success by defeating the Osirian Portal in September to become Los Campeonatos de Parejas. Meanwhile Carpenter Ant would surprise everyone by winning Torneo Cibernetico in October, taking victory with the previously unseen Inverted CHIKARA Special. This caused Mike Quackenbush to question Tim Donst on how Carpenter Ant had come to know the move, seeing that Quackenbush had taught the move to Donst alone as a reward for his infiltration of the Order of The Neo Solar Temple in Season Seven.

Having made it to the Finals of the King Of Trios with Team Uppercut, Claudio Castagnoli would find himself challenged by Eddie Kingston, who claimed to have been embarrassed & disrespected by Claudio after having had his trios team, the Roughnecks, with partners Brodie Lee & Grizzly Redwood, beaten in the opening round of King Of Trios by Claudio’s Team Uppercut.

Kingston stated he could outwrestle Claudio & would prove his point by pinning Castagnoli in a singles match at Aniversario Yang in May. Claudio would avenge this loss with a count out victory over Kingston at night three of the Young Lions Cup in August.

With both men owning a win over the other, a Respect match, in which the loser would have to publicly declare their respect for the winner, was set for the season finale in November. This match would prove to be a hard fought encounter, with Claudio taking the win. After the match Kingston refused to show respect, hitting Claudio with a backfist before declaring that Castagnoli was not the man everyone thought he was & that he was not to be trusted.

By the end of the evening Kingston would be proved right as Claudio would turn rudo by joining his former Swiss Money Holding tag team partner, Ares, as part of Die Bruderschaft Des Kreuzes.

Ares would be revealed as the mysterious white clad man stalking UltraMantis Black. He & his enormous associate Tursas would invade the ring after the main event, a successful Campeonatos de Parejas defence by the Colony against the Osirian Portal.

The tecnico roster would come to ring to confront the invaders, but the still masked Ares demanded to speak to the man who held the real power & pointed out UltraMantis Black, who had been providing commentary on the main event.

Mantis approached the ring, handing the Eye of Tyr to Order of The Neo Solar Temple member Vokoder & claimed that he did not even know who the men in the ring were. Both Ares & Tursas removed their white masks, with Tursas revealing a further mask beneath & in the same moment Claudio Castagnoli attacked Mike Quackenbush.

An all out attack would result with Vokoder turning on the Order of The Neo Solar Temple & Carpenter Ant attacking his fellow Colony members. Daizee Haze & Sara Del Rey, who had put aside their own differences during the early part of the season, would also form part of this new factions attack. Both Del Rey & Haze had grown increasing frustrated with their perceived lack of competition in CHIKARA, citing that they were both more capable than many of their male counterparts.

At the end, the members of the new rudo group, Ares, Tursas, Claudio Castagnoli, Sara Del Rey, Daizee Haze, Vokoder & Carpenter Ant stood in formation, having cleared the ring of the CHIKARA roster. Vokoder & Carpenter Ant removed their masks to reveal Tim Donst & Pinkie Sanchez. After saluting in formation, the group cut the arena lights.

In the aftermath of the attack, Director of Fun Leonard F. Chikarason would find himself unable to access his office, being met by Wrestle Factory trainee Dieter VonSteigerwalt, who handed Chikarason an envelope & informed him that he was late for a performance review with the CHIKARA Board of Directors.

On December 7 2009, it was announced that VonSteigerwalt had replaced Chikarason as Director of Fun & Chikarason would now be reassigned to commentary.