In mid-2013, members of the Hellenic Air Force, a gathering of posters on the CHIKARA 101 message board, were tasked with what was at the time an update to the CHIKARA Wikipedia page. It didn’t quite work out that way, so what had been written (at the time, the first twelve seasons) was left dormant until mid-2015.

That was when Babs, who had spearheaded the project, decided to host them (and two further seasons, thirteen and fourteen) on her CHIKARA In Fifteen website, and contacted Cagematch to host them as well. Unfortunately, CI15 would be taken down soon afterward (it has since been revived under new ownership) and Cagematch had only put up the first two seasons (the rest would soon follow).

Gathering up the archived drafts, I set to work and made this site to host them. May it stand as a tribute to the hard work of everyone associated with CHIKARA, past, present, and future.

Rave, CHIKARA Historian. (Originally written 8/30/15, updated 1/1/16)

(Big thank you to Mike Quackenbush and the folks at CHIKARA for the logo!)

UPDATE: Season Seventeen is here!